Written by: louise-horton
March 24, 2022

How to Clean your Cats Ears

Our Registered Vet Nurses have given us some handy advice on how to clean your cats ears.   Ensure you have everything you will need to hand before you begin  
  • Your cat  
  • Cat ear cleaner  
  • Cotton wool  
  • Plenty of your cat’s favourite treat to reward them with 
  • A willing volunteer to help hold your cat 
  • A towel  
Spread the towel out on a table and get you your helper to hold the cat on the towel, the towel can also be used to gently wrap the cat in, to prevent them from escaping or scratching    The ear cleaner should be slightly warmed before use as putting cold liquid into your cats’ ear can be quite destressing   Hold the ear flap back using your thumb and fore finger and squeeze the cleaner into the top of the ear canal,    Massage the ear canal so you can hear the cleaner squelching, the massaging will break up the material at the bottom of the ear canal and allow it to float up to the top. It is normal for the cat to shake its head at this point to try and remove the liquid, so do remember to keep your mouth closed as some cleaner may come flying out!      Use some cotton wool to gentle wipe away any excess cleaner or debris from the top of the ear   Follow the same procedure with the second ear    When you are all finished cleaning both ears offer your cat some of their favourites treats    Be aware:   DO NOT use cotton buds as there is a risk of putting them into far and causing damage inside the ear  Never use the same piece of cotton wool in both ears  If there is any unusual discharge or smell contact your vet before continuing  If your cat is unhappy with you trying to clean the ears, then don’t struggle as you may cause harm to your cat or yourself, a qualified nurse at the vets will be happy to help clean your cat’s ears for you.  If you would like any more information on this or any other pet health related queries, please contact our team of Registered Veterinary Nurses    

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