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What our customers have said about PetGP

Your advice was smashing. What a great service

“My labrador Lottie had vomiting and diahorrea, and you have no idea the hell I went through, but one call to the vet nurse sorted everything. Outstanding customer care.”

Mrs I, Cambridge
Really helpful, a massive difference

“They gave me peace of mind and saved going to the vet – no need to book a slot or pay a vet to look at Assoaka when all we really needed was some advice.”

Mrs G, Edinburgh
Potentially lifesaving

“If we hadn’t called them and been told to go to the vet, we’d have let Harvey ride out the vomiting, and he’d have got even worse with dehydration. It turned out he actually had to stay at the vet hospital, he was so ill.”

Mr H, Sevenoaks
Brilliant service - fantastic

“I made the call after our cocker spaniel Sadie ate half a chocolate orange. The nurse assessed the situation as borderline, so advised us to call the vet. In the end, everything turned out well.”

Mrs G, London

Animal-loving Vets and Vet Nurses on hand 24/7

PetGP has more than 50 Vets and Vet Nurses to help you with expert advice on anything that’s worrying you about your pet.

They’re all trained and registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and many of them have several decades of experience under their belts.

And they’re not just experts in their field – they’re also animal lovers like you. So they’ll understand your concerns at once, and know how important it is to bring you peace of mind at a worrying time.

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