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Empowering Pet Care with Seamless Communication

The all-in-one dashboard designed specifically for you and your pet. With PetGP Dashboard, we revolutionise the way you connect and communicate, ensuring that every interaction with us and you is efficient, convenient, and tailored to your unique needs.

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PetGP is here to help when you want independent, expert advice about what to do.


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Choose a plan

Choose a plan that best suit you and your pet

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Connect with us

Telehealth veterinary team appointments available via telephone, video and live chat.

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Virtual vet visit

Our team of Vets and Vet Nurses give tailored, evidence-based support and advice.

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Clear advice

Our team will give clear outcomes and advice to help you improve your pets health as quickly and safely as possible.

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Why Pet GP

Pet GP offers tailored pet health advice and 24/7 access to our vets and nurses.

Speak to us online

Do you need pet health advice? contact one of our Qualified Veterinary Team.

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Chat online in real time with one of our Professional and Experienced Veterinary Team

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Get pet health advice, articles and top tips written by our Expert Veterinary Team

Pricing plans

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Pay Per Call

  • A single call to a veterinary nurse

  • Triage of your pet health problem

  • Appropriate advice and guidance

  • Access to evidence based pet health and welfare advice and guidance


  • Unlimited 24/7/365 calls to the veterinary healthcare team.

  • Unlimited live chat with our veterinary health care team

  • Advice and guidance from our veterinary healthcare team on pet health, care, and wellbeing issues whenever you need it

  • Access to regularly updated, evidence-based pet health and welfare advice and guidance. This is written by registered and experienced Vets and Nurses

  • Cancel anytime (after first 3 months)


  • All items offered by the 
Standard Plan

  • Referral options to a vet (if applicable to your call)

  • Referral options to subject experts (if appropriate to your call).

  • Enhanced advice is available on mobility support, arthritis care, dental and oral care, nutrition, weight management, behaviour, and bereavement

  • Cancel anytime (after first 3 months)