Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet 

Written by Louise Horton RVN
June 18, 2024

It is clear we love our pets, the immediate joy and companionship that comes from owning a pet is one shared across the world. The benefits of owning a pet stretch even further providing both physical and mental health benefits.  

Health benefits

The relationships we build with our pets offers not only companionship, but also encourages social interactions. It can help reduce stress, anxieties and even improve heart health.  

Pets are not only a source of routine and motivation but they help provide some purpose. Pets help owners to feel needed. The gentle nudge of paw or wet nose can ease loneliness and offer comfort.  

Something simple like walking the dog can provide motivation and help an owner exercise. Stroking a pet and interacting with a pet helps relaxation and can have a calming effect supporting mental health. Providing care to an animal brings us joy and gives purpose and meaning to a day. Pets can even provide a sense of security and company with many people living alone. Working from home is now more popular than ever and pets can offer companionship while working remotely.  

Children, like adults can also benefit from animal interaction and pet ownership. Just playing with a pet can stimulate the mind and body as well as providing a source of calmness. Children who grow up with pets are more confident and emotionally supported than their non pet owning peers. 

Owning a pet comes with great responsibility but also a sense of support and companionship. Without question our pets offer unconditional love and mental health benefits. Because of this it is important we maintain the bond we have with them and look after their health and welfare needs.

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