Written by: louise-horton
February 1, 2022

How Do I Know My Dog Loves Me

The 10 ways your dog tells you they love you 
  1. A Waggy Tail! If your dog greets you when you walk in the room with a tail wag, then this is a sure sign they are in love. Dogs use their tail to communicate a range of expressions.  You cannot always assume a wagging tail means the dog is happy but if it is used as a greeting then its true love. 
  2. They want to play! Most dogs are good judges of character, so if your dog brings you a toy to play with then it is a sign of trust and love. 
  3. Licking! Dogs are sociable creatures and they use their noses and tongues to show affection to other dogs and humans. Some dogs will lick excessively while others will give a quick hand lick in passing, either way it is a sure sign of true love!  
  4. Being close! Dogs will cuddle in and lean on people they feel comfortable with. This brings back feelings of maternal closeness and releases pheromones that soothe the dog. Most owners will agree that the comfort given goes both ways.
  5. Loyalty – the instinct of a dog is to protect the pack. If your dog loves you, they will do everything in their power to protect you from perceived harm.  
  6. Jumping up! We teach our pets from a young age not to jump up, but this is a sign of affection. The excitement of seeing you takes over and they jump up to greet you and to take in all the new scents from where you have been. 
  7. Destroying your stuff! Believe it or not, this is a sign of love. Dogs steal and chew your belongings to get your attention but if they do this when they are home alone or missing you then they are doing it for love. Chewing releases endorphins that relax a dog but if the object they are chewing smells like the human they adore then that is even better!  
  8. Recall! Obviously, this is mainly down to good training from an early age but there is a big element of devotion in this too. Your dog wants to please you as well as receiving their reward so next time they come back when called give them an extra special ear rub.  
  9. Vocalisation! Some dogs “chat” when they are happy, as if they are telling you a story. Others stop vocalising when someone they love, and trust is about. They bark, whine, howl and growl to communicate and some dogs have also been known to smile. 
  10. Eye contact! This is a tricky one, for some dogs this can be seen as aggressive but if you practice from a young age it can be a sign of complete trust if you can hold your dogs gaze. It means you have their full attention and only a dog that adored you would give you that.  

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