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When should I call a PetGP nurse?

PetGP is here to help when you think your pet is unwell, and you just want independent, expert advice about what to do.

After all, in 2 out of 3 cases, we have found that an immediate trip to the vet isn’t necessary. So it makes sense to call us first – which may help you avoid the inconvenience, stress and cost of an avoidable trip.

Of course, there are other times when it’s vital to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible. If you’re unsure, call our expert vet nurses, and we may be able to help you spot a life-threatening problem early on.

If you’ve already seen a qualified vet about a particular issue, we’re only able to give you a second opinion. (Please note that we’ll assume you’re agreeing to this if you call us under these circumstances.)


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When should I contact a vet immediately?

  • Is your pet having severe difficulty breathing?

  • Is your pet bleeding profusely?

  • Is your pet unable to move?

  • Is your pet in severe pain?


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Very friendly but professional

“So convenient and easy. I got an appointment right away. The nurse was professional and informative. The whole process is really a breeze”

Mireille and Java
Fantastic service

“I’m very impressed, the vet nurse was sympathetic and professional when I called about my poodle Fifi, and she explained everything really well.”

James B

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