Veterinary Nurses

Written by Louise Horton RVN
May 5, 2022

May is Veterinary Nurse awareness month. This annual event aims to raise awareness of the role of the Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN).

Our large Veterinary team is available to assist you with any queries about your pets health whenever they occur. What makes a qualified Vet Nurse so skilled and knowledgeable though? Our entire team practice evidenced based medicine, because of this our nurses are constantly updating their knowledge. As a result we can give the most up to date advice to keep your pet as safe as possible.

Vet Nurse Training

Each Vet Nurse is a highly skilled professional and that has completed extensive training to achieve their qualifications. Colleges and Universities provide Vet Nurse training. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons then approves each course. This maintains high standards for all courses. Veterinary training practices also link to each educational centre. This allows practical training to occur. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons holds a register of qualified veterinary nurses. A Veterinary Nurse must be fully qualified and admitted onto this register before they are able to work as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. Due to this you can be assured that all of our staff have been through thorough and continued education processes.

What do vet nurses do?

Veterinary nursing is the supportive care of animals receiving treatment within a veterinary practice. A veterinary nurse works as a member of the veterinary team, providing expert nursing care for sick animals.

If you have a pet health question, or require advice on pet care, our Registered Veterinary Nurses are available to assist you. This is a 24 hr service 365 days of the year. Our highly skilled and experienced nursing team, hold a wide range of post graduate qualifications. These include areas such as emergency and critical care, senior patient care, mobility, behaviour, bereavement, and nutrition.