5 things to buy your pet this Christmas 

We might be celebrating Christmas differently this year, but one thing remains the same – presents! Here are a few that your pets might like to find under the tree…

 Of course, we owners know our pets are always the star of the show, but this Christmas why not make sure your dog lights up the room – and the park, pavement, field… with a safe illuminated collar or tag? There are lots of options available to keep your pet safe and make them look magical this Christmas. 

Cheers! If you want to try giving your pet a different drink as a treat this Christmas (although your pet may agree with us that plain water is best 😉) then several companies make pet-friendly non-alcoholic pet ‘wine’ or ‘beer’. Check out Pawsecco or Bottom Sniffer for dogs, Snuffle meat-flavoured beer and Pinot Meow catnip wine, available from a selection of retailers. 

After a busy morning unwrapping presents when everyone just needs to rest and digest, a boredom-busting activity toy will keep your pet occupied and help them have some quiet, calm time. Look for good quality, safety-tested toys. We like Kong company’s selection of durable chew toys and puzzle feeders available at kongcompany.com and from pet retailers. 

Looking for the ultimate customised pet apparel? Why not buy a kit so you can knit your own pet’s jumper – for Christmas and beyond? We found great kits for dogs of all sizes (and sphynx cats) at woolandthegang.com and weareknitters.co.uk  

One for when Christmas is over (boo). For pets that are struggling with not having their owners at home all the time, a remote pet camera can help you keep an eye on them and give reassurance for you both. Some will alert you to barking, others allow you to speak to your pet or even toss them a treat. The Furbo dog camera (available from various retailers) even lets you use your Alexa to dispense treats regularly. 

We hope you won’t need us this Christmas but if you’re worried about your pet’s health you can rest assured the PetGP Vet Nurses are available 24 hours a day for friendly expert advice. 

Written by Gill Holloway RVN