How to keep your rabbit cool in Summer

As the weather heats up, here are our top tips for looking after your rabbit in the Summer.

  1. Give your rabbit access to indoors or a shady area throughout the day. Rabbits like to lie in the sun so you may need to encourage them to move inside during the hottest parts of the day.
  2. Keep your rabbits cage and bottom as clean as possible. Fly strike can happen very quickly and all it takes is one fly to cause all sorts of misery for your bunny. Flies are attracted to damp fur, urine and faeces and lay their eggs in the hutch and on your rabbit. Within hours these eggs turn into maggots that start feeding on the rabbits skin. From June to October check your rabbits twice a day for signs of flystrike. If you see any flies, eggs or maggots then contact your vet straight away!
  3. Try to avoid letting your rabbit rest in direct sunlight – this includes inside conservatories, in front of windows etc.
  4. On particularly warm days you could wet your rabbits ears with a fine mist of cool (not cold) water – this will help your bunny keep cool
  5. Fill up empty plastic bottles with water and freeze them then place around the hutch and outside space so the rabbit can lean on them if they are feeling hot.

Always make sure your rabbit has access to fresh water and food.